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Construction Tips & Tricks

Cleaning out bulldozer tracks
Use a sharpshooter drain spade to clean the dirt out of the tracks on bulldozers and excavators. The narrow blade fits between the tread links. This is especially useful in the winter as the dirt freezes overnight and causes the tracks to jam.

Get the angle on wall demo
The anvil end of our Total Control Elite demo sledge pinpoints the full force of your swing on the outer edges of the block when knocking down block walls.

Pot Hole Repair
Our Moulder/Asphalt Shovel was designed with a flat blade for use in pothole repair to tamp down the repair material and level it with the existing asphalt.

Removing Shingles
You can use a heavy duty spading fork to remove fiberglass and asphalt shingles during a roof replacement. Also a long handle Garden Spade or D-handle Garden Spade may be used as a “non-fulcrum” version of a roofing shovel.

Backfilling a trench
Concrete Movers can be used in conjunction with a power trencher to push the soil back into a trench after the pipe or wire has been inserted.

Pouring deck footers
The EZ Pour™ Wheelbarrow, with integrated pour spout, is a great choice for deck builders to pour concrete into footers. The spouted end ensures accurate delivery and minimizes wasted spills.

Cleaning out a concrete chute
The Cub Shovel head design is ideally shaped to remove concrete from the chute of a ready-mix concrete truck

Clearing Excess Concrete
The D-Handle Eastern Pattern Steel Scoop is a light weight alternative to a concrete rake to pull back excess screeded concrete.

Debris build-up on shovel steps
Rolled step shovels minimize debris build-up in the step area of a shovel. This is ideal for asphalt or concrete applications.


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